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If you are new to FreeRADIUS, or wondering if it will be suitable for your requirements, please see the overview and features that it provides.


Beginners are strongly recommended to read these two pages first:

  • The concepts page, which provides a very light overview of how the server works.
  • The getting started page, which gives an introduction to installing and configuring the server.

A short introduction to RADIUS concepts, and to FreeRADIUS itself, is also available in the technical guide (PDF).

This wiki collects a large amount of documentation relating to glossary together in one place. Pages of particular interest to newcomers will be the FAQ and HOWTO sections, although the Traditional FreeRADIUS docs page the docs folder included in the server distribution also include "man" pages, and other documentation.

There are many third-party web sites and HOWTO's that give advice on FreeRADIUS. They are usually years out of date, and refer to old versions. The advice that they give is also wrong. We strongly recommend that you avoid most third-party documentation.

The following is an overview of the types of information available:


FreeRADIUS is an open source project and as such depends on contributions from its users. Even if you don't know C you can still contribute to the project by editing documentation on the wiki, posting bugs on GitHub or helping out on the users mailing list.

If you are comfortable coding in C and have a patch or new module you'd like to see included in the main distribution, please see the submitting patches via GitHub page for instructions on generating a 'pull request'. See also:

For major refactoring and new modules, add an issue to GitHub, so that the core project team can comment on the proposed work.

Bug reports

If you find an issue in the server please report it so that it can be fixed in a future release. The procedure for reporting defects can be found here.

This Wiki

This Wiki is now hosted on a FreeRADIUS project server, with a gollum front end backed by "git". It is now easier to login and make changes. Please see the New Wiki Page for details.