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'''Auth-Type''' is an internal check item (i.e. a special RADIUS attribute) that is used to identify the authentication type to be used for a particular user (authentication request). It is most commonly seen in the users file or in unlang logic.

In modern FreeRADIUS configurations, in general, you '''should not''' set the Auth-Type attribute manually. The server will figure it out on its own, and will do the right thing. That is, the authentication-related modules that you enable (or leave them enabled by default) will set the Auth-Type on their own.

The most common side effect of erroneously setting the Auth-Type attribute is that one authentication method will work, but the others will not.

The common reasons to set the Auth-Type attribute by hand is to either forcibly reject the user (Auth-Type := Reject), or to or forcibly accept the user (Auth-Type := Accept).

Note that Auth-Type := Accept will NOT work with EAP.

People sometimes read the debug log and notice the message:

auth: No authenticate method (Auth-Type) configuration found for the request: Rejecting the user

It is ''not'' necessarily a good idea to intervene by explicitly defining Auth-Type. It is more likely that one of the authentication modules (e.g. rlm_pap, rlm_chap, rlm_files, rlm_ldap, ...) has either not been run, or it has been run but the incoming request doesn't satisfy its requirements based on protocol compatibility.