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radclient is a radius client program included as part of FreeRADIUS. It can send arbitrary RADIUS packets to a RADIUS server, then shows the reply. It can be used to test changes you made in the configuration of the radius server, or it can be used to monitor if a radius server is up.

radclient reads radius attribute/value pairs from it standard input, or from a file specified on the command line. It then encodes these attribute/value pairs using the dictionary, and sends them to the remote server.

The User-Password and CHAP-Password attributes are automatically encrypted before the packet is sent to the server.

Command Line

Usage: radclient [options] server[:port] <command> [<secret>]
  <command>  : One of auth, acct, status, coa, or disconnect.
  -c count   : Send each packet 'count' times.
  -d raddb   : Set dictionary directory.
  -f file    : Read packets from file, not stdin.
  -i id      : Set request id to 'id'.  Values may be 0..255
  -n num     : Send N requests/s
  -p num     : Send 'num' packets from a file in parallel.
  -q         : Do not print anything out.
  -r retries : If timeout, retry sending the packet 'retries' times.
  -s         : Print out summary information of auth results.
  -S file    : read secret from file, not command line.
  -t timeout : Wait 'timeout' seconds before retrying (may be a floating point number).
  -v         : Show program version information.
  -x         : Debugging mode.


echo "User-Name = test" | /usr/local/bin/radclient localhost:1812 auth s3cr3t
echo "User-Name=test,User-Password=mypass,Framed-Protocol=PPP " | /usr/local/bin/radclient localhost:1812 auth s3cr3t
echo "Message-Authenticator = 0x00" | /usr/local/bin/radclient localhost:1812 auth s3cr3t

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