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paircompare() functionality returns a dynamic comparison for attributes. It's like taking a dynamic value every time the attribute is referenced, except that the comparison is done in the paircompare() function.

The underlying paircompare() function compares attributes to attributes in the request. It doesn't handle lists. It's called from:

  • cond_eval.c - compare one attribute in an if statement. The list is handled by the cond_eval functionality.
  • rlm_files.c - users file comparisons
  • rlm_preprocess.c, hints and huntgroups comparisons
  • rlm_sql.c - compare radcheck and radgroupcheck items retrieved from SQL

It's also referenced from:

  • unlang_compile.c comment as mark up paircompare fixups (?)

Pair comparisons are registered by:

  • src/main/pair.c - paircompare_register_byname()
  • rlm_expiration - the Expiration attribute. *can be replaced by more unlang`
  • rlm_expr - Prefix, Suffix, Connect-Rate, Packet-Type, and Response-Packet-Type, src/dst ip/port, virtual server, packet processing stage, Most of these can either be deleted, or replaced with dynamic xlats.
  • rlm_ldap - LDAP-Group
  • rlm_logintime - Current-Time, and Time-of-Day, can either be deleted, or replaced with dynamic xlats.
  • rlm_sql - SQL-Group
  • rlm_sqlcounter - counter thing?
  • rlm_test
  • rlm_unix- Unix-Group should probably be replaced with a map?
  • rlm_winbind Winbind-Group


Many of these can be replaced by dynamic xlats (e.g. Current-Time)

The various group functionalities could be replaced (badly) with xlat expansions: %{ldap-group:%{User-Name} sales} which is shit, but would work.

It would be ideal to allow LDAP-Group == sales to still work. But that means fixing all of the callers of paircompare() to allow for it to be async, too. That's a lot of work. The better approach is just to replace comparison of virtual attributes with xlat expansions, or function calls.

It's likely easier to fix the callers so that they call map functions, and then just get rid of the paircompare() functionality altogether.


Note: paircompare() is part condition, and part map. i.e. the paircompare() functions set some attributes unconditionally, and return true/false for comparison of other attributes. It also takes a list of VALUE_PAIRs, and thus is not really amenable to converting it to maps and conditions.

  • get rid of as many virtual attributes as possible first, e.g. Prefix. People don't really use them
  • convert most of the rest to xlat expansions, and document that in raddb/README
  • get rid of hints and huntgroups. Sorry.
  • move the sql radcheck and radgroupcheck functions to return conditions and maps?
  • update PAIR_LIST to return conditions and maps?, and pairlist_read(), which is only called from rlm_files and rlm_preprocess
  • add callbacks to templates? i.e. virtual attributes like paircompare(), with a duplicate API.