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Many protocols are string based. e.g. SMTP, FTP. There are now "attributes" and "types" as with RADIUS. We would like to have the server process these attributes, too.

The simple solution is to leverage the existing attribute framework, with one key change. Attributes can be defined for these protocols, but they cannot have an attribute number defined. Instead, the dictionary code will normalize the name, hash it, and use that hash as the attribute number.

Many of these attributes can be defined in dictionaries. Others are created by reference in policies. The unlang compiler then has to create named attributes in the main dictionary, instead of creating unknown attributes. It becomes more difficult to discover typos in the configuration, though. So if the unlang compiler creates these attributes, it should also print out a WARNING in debug mode, with a suggestion that the administrator update the dictionaries.

This method also allows attributes to be defined at run-time, either when parsed from a packet, or read from a DB (e.g. SQL).

Any attributes created at run-time SHOULD be added to a local dictionary, which is associated with the request. Much of the code compares attributes by simply comparing the da pointers. Adding the attributes to a local dictionary ensures that the run-time definition will only be done once.

Alternately, the run-time dictionary could be created per worker thread, which would be a bit more efficient. That would be safe, and would be less work.