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As of Version 2.2.0, the server has complete support for DHCP. It can serve DHCP queries from an SQL databases, APIs, and various other data stores. It can also act as a DHCP relay.

An example of a DHCP configuration is in raddb/sites-available/dhcp. It should be edited for your local configuration.

Please Contribute

Support for the DHCP protocol is faily stable. The examples work for statically configured responses, and it is interoperable with all clients that we have tested. At this time, it supports Option 82, but not much else of the optional parts of the DHCP protocol. We are looking for users/developers to assist with:

  • Additional testing.
  • Patches to add more functionality.
  • Modules to perform lease assignment using additional backends

Any assistance is useful. Please send email feedback to the freeradius-users list.