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The rlm_krb5 FreeRADIUS module enables the use of Kerberos 5.

Table of Contents

Compilation issues

MIT libraries

The rlm_krb5 module, by default, presumes you have the MIT Kerberos 5 distribution. Notes from that distribution:

On linux, you may have to change:


in ../libtool

Otherwise, it complains if the krb5 libs aren't shared.

Heimdal libraries

If you are using the Heimdal Kerberos 5 distribution, pass a --enable-heimdal-krb5 to the configure line. With Heimdal, you'll need to have a radius/ key in your keytab (which needs to be readable by the user running the RADIUS server).

Configuration parameters

You can configure the module with the following parameters:

 krb5 {
     # principal that is used by rlm_krb5
     service_principal = radius/

Make sure the keytab is readable by the user that is used to run radiusd and that your authorization configuration really uses rlm_krb5 to do the authentication. You will need to add the following to the 'authenticate' section of your radiusd.conf file:

 Auth-Type Kerberos {