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Smsotp (Short Message Service One Time Password) is a freeradius module written by Holger Wollf from Siemens which implements two-factor authentication using login/password and an otp (one time password) delivered via SMS: After the user logged in using the correct username and password, a SMS with an otp (one time password) is sent to the user's phone. The user is required to enter the otp in order to successfully authenticate himeself.


Smsotp ships as a module which can be compiled and dynamically loaded. It connects to a unix domain socket where a daemon (smsotpd) listens. Holger Wollf did not provide his deamon, so Thomas Glanzmann modified a perl POE (Perl Object Event) script to provide a smsotpd implementation. Smsotpd is contacted by the smsotp module after an user provided a valid username and password using PAP. It than sends the otp via SMS. Thomas Glanzmann used SIPGATE (a german VOIP provider) but any service can be used including a mobile phone by adopting the code in smsotpd. Afterwards the daemon is contacted again in order to verify that the provided otp is correct.


The smsotp module is not installed by default, but can be compiled and installed by running the following commands:

cd src/modules/rlm_smsotp
chmod +x configure
./configure --prefix=/path/to/installation
make install


To active smsotp the Auth-Type must be set to smsotp for the user. This can be done for all users by adding the following line to the users file:

DEFAULT Auth-Type := smsotp

Freeradius needs to know what to do with the Auth-Type smsotp so the file sites-enabled/default need to be modified to include the following in the sections authenticate and Authorize:

    authenticate {
            Auth-Type smsotp {
                    pap or ntlm_auth

            Auth-Type smsotp-reply {

    Authorize {


  • Smsotp can only be used with pap and ntlm_auth (which is pap with active directory backend) but it can not be used with CHAP, MSCHAPv1 and MSCHAPv2.