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The FreeRADIUS Project is the result of the work done by a large number of people.

We would like to publicly thank the following major contributors:

Contributor Details Active
Adrian Pavlykevych Wrote the original pre v3 rlm_ldap module. no
Arran Cudbard-Bell
  • FreeRADIUS maintainer.
  • Wrote rlm_rest.
  • Wrote rlm_yubikey.
  • Rewrote v3 rlm_sql acct.
  • Rewrote v3 rlm_krb5.
  • Added the neat parts of v3 rlm_cache.
  • Added v3 rlm_ldap update support.
  • Maintains the wiki.
  • Helps maintain the build system.
Alan Curry Contributed many patches for proxying, replication, realm support. no
Alan DeKok
  • FreeRADIUS Project Lead.
  • Registered and maintains
  • Wrote the module code.
  • Made the server threaded.
  • Rewrote and refactored the majority of the server core.
  • Wrote and contributed to many modules.
  • Maintains the build system.
  • Is the CEO of Network RADIUS (a commercial entity representing the project).
Brandon Lee Poyner Netscape-MTA-MD5 authentication module. no
Chris Brotsos Memory allocation debugging and proxy enhancements. no
Chris Parker
  • Configuration parser enhancements.
  • Proxy enhancements.
  • Wrote rlm_attr_filter
  • FreeRADIUS Client embedded mode and other enhancements.
Jeff Carneal of Apex Internet Services, Inc. Wrote the caching support for the Unix module. no
Jochen Friedrich v1 SMUX / SNMP support (since removed). no
John Dennis Maintained RHEL RPMs and acted as liaison with RH. no
Kostas Kalevras Contributed the 'dialup_admin' PHP server administration code. no
Matthew Newton Many patches and bug fixes. yes
Miquel van Smoorenburg Wrote the original Cistron server, and started the FreeRADIUS source tree. no
Mike Machado Author of the SQL module. no
Miguel a.l. Paraz Wrote the original code which was the basis for the PAM module. no
Nathan Neulinger pre v3 rlm_krb5 no
Peter Nixon Maintained rlm_sqlippool and hacks on other SQL related code, maintained openSUSE binary packages. no
Phil Mayers
  • Wrote the SoH code.
  • Added many enhancements to rlm_eap.
  • Started the code documentation effort.

The following individuals also get honourable mentions for contributing significantly to the wiki or mailing list:

Contributor Details Active
Alan Buxey For services to FreeRADIUS users. yes
Alex Clouter For services to FreeRADIUS users. no (lost to the dark side)
Brian Candler For services to FreeRADIUS users. yes
Fajar A Nugraha For services to FreeRADIUS users. yes
Kevin Bonner For services to FreeRADIUS users, and the wiki. no