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Alvarion gateways mplement a non-standard version of WiMAX. If you with to use Alvarion, you must use the "master" branch from git. Then, before you install it, do:

$ cd share
$ vi dictionary

Find the two matching lines with:

$INCLUDE dictionary.alvarion
$INCLUDE dictionary.wimax

and change them to:

$INCLUDE dictionary.alvarion.wimax.v2_2
$INCLUDE dictionary.wimax.alvarion

Save the file, and then do:

$ make install

Note that you cannot build an RPM or other package if you are using Alvarion. You must install from source.

The reason for the above changes is that they have non-standard versions of the dictionaries. These dictionaries are incompatible with all other WiMAX equipment, so they are not enabled by default.