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This is to set up Freeradius auth on Huawei S6320 running Comware Version 5.160. This method should be similar for all close to 2016 models of comware.

Switch side config:

domain radaccess
domain radaccess admin
radius-server template <template name>
 radius-server shared-key cipher <cipher>
 radius-server authentication <ip-address> 1812 [source interface sets here]
 authentication-scheme default
 authentication-scheme <scheme name>
  authentication-mode radius local
 authorization-scheme default
 accounting-scheme default
 domain default
 domain default_admin
 domain isp
 domain radaccess
  authentication-scheme <auth-scheme name>
  radius-server <radius-server template name>

Freeradius server-side is set up normally like: Server-side setup:

client <network_device_management_ip> {
secret = <radius_key>
nastype = cisco
shortname = <network_device_name>