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Vendor-Specific Attributes

The IETF specifies Vendor-Specific Attributes (VSA) as a method for communicating vendor-specific information between NASs and RADIUS servers. Attribute 26 encapsulates vendor specific attributes, thereby, allowing vendors to support their own extended attributes otherwise not suitable for general use.

Servers not equipped to interpret the vendor-specific information sent by a client are supposed to ignore it (although it may be reported).

RADIUS Clients which do not receive desired vendor-specific information are supposed to make an attempt to operate without it, although possibly in a degraded mode.

Multiple sub-attributes MAY be encoded within a single Vendor-Specific attribute, although they do not have to be.

Any Vendor who has a Private Enterprise Number registered with IANA may create their own Vendor-Specific Attributes. Support for these VSA's can be added to FreeRADIUS simply by creating their own dictionary.

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